Working within London and the South East

Career opportunities in London and the South East

London is one of the busiest cities in the world and there are millions of career opportunities here and in the South East. As London is such a cosmopolitan city, it opens up many more doors to careers that are flexible, exciting and interesting. See how we can help you.

Beauty opportunities in London

There are many salons in London that are opening their doors to those who want to join the industry and become a technician of some sort. One of the most recommend salons is Natural Enhancement, for their customer services, treatment and training courses. Click here.

This highlights how experienced and thorough they are with everything they do. This is highlighted even more through their training courses that are HABIA approved and accredited, so if you’re interested in becoming a semi- permanent makeup artist, we recommend starting here.

Already signed up for training and now need your kit? Try the apprentice approved one.

Once training is complete and you are successful, you will be rewarded with an ITEC qualification which is one of the most recognised certificates in the world.

Permanent makeup courses

Other jobs in the beauty industry that can call for a career change

If you’re a sociable person and enjoy having every day be different, then it seems a career in this industry is everything you’re looking for. We have gathered 5 of the most popular jobs in this sector. Contact us for assistance.

Becoming a model

If many people have said this to you ‘why don’t you model, you’re beautiful’ then why not! If you have the looks for it, you should 100% have a go at it. Although many people think you must be a certain size and height to get into this industry, it just isn’t true. Need help getting experience? Check this site out.

There are different requirements for commercial and high fashion, so stop waiting around and sign up to an agency that suits your looks and style. Apply today.