How we work at 4K Partnership

How we work at 4K Partnership

We work with the public, voluntary and private business sectors to help make the most of opportunities to involve people in decision-making, projects or strategy development. By doing this effectively better decisions can be taken and enhanced stakeholder & community relationships can be achieved.

Every situation is unique so we work with you to create and design a process tailored to meet your needs. We use our key approaches and then manage the stakeholder engagement process to ensure it is run effectively and equally on behalf of all the participants.

By using an independent, third party to design and run the process and to to manage and facilitate the meetings and events involved you can build trust, add value and help build the mutual understanding that leads to better decisions and improved strategies.

We can do all of this for you

  • Facilitate meetings
  • Resolve conflicts in many situations
  • Design innovative, enjoyable and productive consultations
  • Create interactive events
  • Provide taylor made training

At 4K, we bring all of these qualities

  • 10 years of independent facilitation and process consultancy
  • 10 years sustainable development & environmental policy, project and process management in the public sector
  • 4 years of writing, policy and campaigns in the voluntary sector

Our potential projects

National Stakeholder Dialogues around

  • Nuclear Waste
  • Nuclear Power Station Decommissioning
  • Waste Tyres
  • Electric and Magnetic fields
  • Offshore wind farm developments

Local and Regional Stakeholder involvement in

National and international internet debates on local government sustainable development policy

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