About Us

4K Partnership was formed in 2003 in response to increasing demand for collaborative approaches to involving people in decision making. We work on a model that has a core of experienced and trusted colleagues and partner organisations that we work with as and when needed.

We work with the public, voluntary and private sectors to make the most of opportunities to involve people in decision making , projects or strategy development. Doing this effectively enables better decisions to be made and can enhance stakeholder and community relationships.

Every situation is unique so we work with you to design and create a process tailored to meet your needs. We then manage the stakeholder engagement process to ensure it is run effectively and equally on behalf of all the participants.

By using an independent third party to design and run the process, and to manage and facilitate meetings and events you can build trust, add value and help create the mutual understanding that leads to better decision making and improved strategies.

For further information, contact us.